Friday, 16 October 2015

Ideas to Take Forward

Ideas to Take Forward - timescale of one half term (Spring 1 to incorporate Internet Safety Day)

Whole Class Assembly - ask "What is the Internet?" Use the video on Wisekids website to explain that the Internet is a space that has some laws. Introduce the idea of digital literacy and showing respect.

Class SEAL session -
What do you love about the internet?
What do you not like about the internet?
Discussion to stem from their responses - what to do if...
In upper ks2 ask who is in your network? Discuss the issue of trust, respect and how your information can be shared even if your profile is private.

Each class can then take part in an activity. The activities can be suggested by the children themselves and linked to topics brought up in the discussion.

Ideas could include:
a debate
Games on think u know website

This project will be worked on throughout the half term. It will be shared with parents on Class Dojo. The half term will be rounded off with Internet Safety Day on Feb 9th. Parents will be invited in, we will showcase the children's work and hold parent workshops. Police liaison officer will also be invited to be on hand to answer any questions. A new e-safety policy can be divised from all of our work.

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